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Thorens 124 bearing upgrade kit for Thorens TD-124

Description: This is a precision machined stainless steel bottom cover for Thorens 124 main bearing. My kit consists of bearing bottom cover, two new thrust plates (one made of stainless steel and one made of tempered steel) and three button head stainless steel screws. Stainless steel bearing housing shown in last two photos is NOT included. Please see my other auctions if you are interested in this part as well.

Please contact me if you need a new gasket and/or a new ball to play with. If you are willing to temper with the shaft and take the original steel ball out I can supply new ball(s) made of various materials.  Please email me for more details.

Thorens 124 Turntable - Stainless Steel Bearing

Description: My beautifully crafted stainless steel main bearing housing will be significant upgrade regardless of which Thorens 124 model you own.

Here are some features of this product -

1) Size of this stainless steel bearing housing is exactly the same as the size of the original Thorens cast iron bearing housing
2) Bottom cover is thick stainless steel plate instead of thin stamped sheet metal original bearing cover
3) Stainless steel bearing housing is non-magnetic
4) Stainless bearing housing comes with precision sintered bronze (Oilite) sleeves installed
5) The original Thorens spindle will fit perfectly
6) Stainless bearing housing is assembled and ready to use with your spindle (new paper gasket and nylon (nylatron) thrust plate are included and installed)

Motor Suspension Grommets for Thorens TD-124 Turntable

Description: These are newly manufactured replacement motor suspension grommets for classic Thorens 124 turntable. The original motor suspension grommets are often hardened, cracked or severely deformed and therefore useless. By replacing motor suspension grommets you will achieve better decoupling between turntable chassis and motor resulting is significant noise and vibration reduction.
My replacement motor suspension grommets are EXACTLY the same size and shape as the original ones and they will fit perfectly. Please be advised that Thorens 124 MkI model requires only three (3) grommets while MkII model uses double-stack arrangement and requires six (6) suspension grommets. This set includes six (6) grommets.

Stainless Steel Platter for Thorens TD-124 Turntable

This is a precision machined stainless steel non-magnetic platter for classic Thorens 124 turntable.

The original green cast iron platter supplied with Thorens 124 MkI model is magnetic and magnetized platters often cause problems with moving coil cartridges. On the other hand, lightweight cast aluminum platter supplied with Thorens 124 MkII turntable is not on the same performance level with heavy cast iron platter.

My beautifully crafted stainless steel platter will be significant upgrade regardless of which Thorens 124 model you own.

Size of this stainless platter is exactly the same as the size of the green cast iron platter while the weight is just slightly increased. Yellow strobe decal on the bottom of the platter has six precision dot patterns covering requirements for user in counties with either 50Hz or 60Hz AC power.

Motor Conversion Kit for Thorens TD-124 Turntable

This is newly manufactured motor conversion kit for classic Thorens TD-124 turntable.

This kit contains everything you need to convert Thorens TD-124 MkI model motor suspension to the type of suspension introduced with Thorens TD-124 MkII model.

Here is what is included -

1) Set of three (3) double length stainless steel studs
2) Set of six (6) motor suspension grommets
3) Set of six (6) fiber washers
4) Three (3) e-clips, washer and a nut

If you feel comfortable installing this kit than, most likely, you know what are you getting into and you will not need installation instructions. In case you need detailed, step by step, installation instructions, with photos, I can supply those with the purchase of this kit. In case you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, I offer motor rebuilding service, with or without, suspension conversion option. Please feel free to email me for details.

Note: Properly serviced Thorens TD-124 turntable with rebuilt motor, and all other major components (idler wheel, belt, main bearing, step pulley bearing being, etc. ) in top condition, will   bring green cast iron platter to 33 1/3 rpm speed in approximately 1/3 of the revolution and keep the speed thereafter. Quite impressive, isn't it?

        If you have Thorens TD-124, or any other Thorens idler wheel model, that needs service, please fell free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you. Once properly serviced, your  turntable will perform!

Thorens TD-124 Turntable Strobe Window - Thorens 124

This is a brand new replacement strobe light window for Thorens TD-124 turntable. If your original plastic strobe window is cracked, scratched up or just tired looking here is your chance to obtain perfect replacement.

My replacement part is of the same size and shape as the original Thorens strobe light window. The original cracked window shown on top is NOT included. Buyer will receive one new strobe window only.